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  • Oscar Richardson

NTH RD Release Anthemic Worm

If there’s anything evident from NTH RD’s latest release, it’s that Worm is not for the faint-hearted. The release, paired with an exhilarating music video, is a prime example of rock at its finest. Directly opposing the bands last release Wearing Thin, Worm’s heavier and darker tone showcases the band's ability to be versatile. The track, released on the 20th of May, has seen no shortage of praise online - with NTH RD now teasing a possible 5 track EP.

NTH RD delves into the more excruciating details of human nature, with lyrics describing self hatred, and toxic thoughts. Whilst these gritty descriptions meld well with the chaotic and aggressive energy, there are still echoes of warm sentiments. The opening line “even a worm will turn,” describes how, similar to we humans, worms will keep on pushing through no matter how much shit they are faced with.

If NTH RD can sustain the energy they’ve created in the Brisbane metal scene, then fans can expect to be blown away with what comes next. NTH RD is rad and loud, and they are not afraid to be outrageous.



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