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  • Xander Shepherd

L D R U Is Back, Refusing To ‘Let You Go’

The Australian electronic music scene has been missing someone since 2019. He’s reached ARIA Platinum status, was nominated for Best Dance Release and Breakthrough Artist at the 2016 ARIA awards, wedged himself into Triple J’s Hottest 100, going as high as 22nd, and supported The Chainsmokers through the Australian leg of their 2017 tour. Of course, we’re talking about Drew “L D R U” Carmody’s vibrant, electronic music. His explosive re-debut has showered fans with two fresh tracks in the past month, and can only make us wonder, what’s changed for L D R U during his time away from the music industry?

The most notable of his new releases is ‘Let You Go', L D R U through an Instagram post lets us in on what’s behind the song “...written about someone who was very close to me and is now gone.1” The song features his usual array of bright synths, manipulated vocals, and signature percussion making his music feel familiar. Yet ‘Let You Go’ feels different from the popular ‘Keeping Score’ and even his other new single ‘Be There’. This is because ‘Let You Go’ is intimate, looking through the time a which he wasn’t active in the music scene, facing the fear of letting go.

Blissful piano flows through the song providing an uplifting vibe but at the same time a sombre feeling, almost calling out to the listener, asking them what Carmody can do moving forward in his journey, what he can do to redeem himself, as he may feel guilty for a lack of communication with his audience. The vocals that L D R U has used on this track further cements this idea, soaring in and out of the piece, like birds or intrusive thoughts pecking at his brain. Synths waft through Carmody’s comeback soundtrack, leading us through the intricate soundscape of his time away, showing he’s willing to start again.

L D R U has been very active on social media recently, making sure fans know him and fresh music is back in the equation, and here for the foreseeable future. Carmody leaves sneak peeks of his upcoming projects on his Instagram and has re-committed to his music. With that said, this refreshing new start for L D R U will flourish, not only growing his fanbase, but within himself, seeing the better side of life.

Staff Writer: Xander Shepherd


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