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About Us

More than just a record label

Based at Music Industry College’s campus, Starving Kids is a creative hub that offers opportunities, mentorship, and guidance for MIC students and alumni. Our primary aim is to cultivate skillsets and foster meaningful connections, empowering the emerging generation of music industry creatives. Beyond our campus borders, we actively engage with Brisbane's thriving creative community, collaborating on a diverse array of events and initiatives.

Starving Kids, the emerging artist label that brought you The Winnie Coopers, The Medics, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, The Paper and The Plane, Fushia, Greenthief, and many more, was founded in 2004 by Brett Wood, the principal and co-founder of Music Industry College. 


Over the years with MIC, Starving Kids went on to be a student and alumni-run label, branching out to include a range of youth-led events and arts projects, and offering young people a range of music industry experience. From honing their journalism skills through interviews and reviews, upskilling in the live music sphere through live sound engineer/crew/lighting work experience, behind-the-scenes experience as a live music booking agent, and more. 


2022 saw a change in SK, focusing on mentoring and supporting emerging artists through modern marketing techniques in a post-covid climate. This change was led by the newly appointed CEO of Starving Kids, India Wallis (also known as the musician India Raine), a Brisbane-based musician, and MIC alumni. 

India extends support to aspiring artists and MIC alumni by offering guidance on industry navigation, organizing live music events, devising comprehensive music release strategies, orchestrating PR campaigns, and more. Through her mentorship, India empowers current students and alumni to achieve their career aspirations in the music industry.

What We Do


Located in Music Industry College’s state-of-the-art recording studio 'Cloudland', artists and bands are invited to perform live-in-studio whilst it’s filmed, recorded and edited by the students of MIC and uploaded onto our YouTube channel



Have the chance to be interviewed by SK’s team of interviewers


SK Radio

MIC students can unleash their passion and music collection by creating their very own internet radio show, gaining the skills to produce and captivate live or pre-recorded radio shows that showcase unique styles and interests. 


Music Blog

Get your music seen and heard through Starving Kids’ music blog. We showcase features, interviews, and reviews, and introduce you to emerging artists. 


Live Music Venue

Located on the campus of Music Industry College, our venue '38 Berwick Street' is a vibrant hub for live music events catering to all ages. Over the years, we've hosted electrifying performances from acclaimed artists like DZ Deathrays, Stand Atlantic, Tkay Maidza, and many others. 


What sets us apart is not just our lineup, but also our dedicated staff - MIC students who are honing their skills to become the next generation of live music venue professionals. Whether you're planning a concert, a gig, or any other all-ages event, consider hosting it at 38 Berwick Street. For more details on venue hire fees, please reach out to us at

Meet The Team

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