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  • Brett Wood

WAAX's Marie DeVita gives Yr 12 student Josh Woo some performance tips

As he prepares for the performance of his life, year 12 student Josh Woo asks Australia's premier front woman, Marie DeVita, for some tips.

I’m auditioning for my school’s Triffid showcase with your song Labrador. Do you have any tips for us?

That's so sick! It's always so wild to me when people cover our tunes. Umm I would say from a vocal perspective, I would be singing the choruses in the first half rather than blatantly screaming them and saving all the power until the second half/end - otherwise you will bust your voice haha.

Looking back on your past that is conveyed in Labrador, did you feel like you were alone in how you felt? How different does it feel looking back now?

Yeah I was very alone and isolated in a bad situation and that song said everything I was too afraid to address in real life. Looking back now, I was a very different person and I have grown a lot since then in a positive way. It was a big release emotionally, but more importantly, Labrador gave me a new confidence in myself and my career.

Is there a large disparity between how you perform on stage and how you actually feel offstage?

I feel like when I perform I am expanding and interpreting the emotions I feel inside, like I tap into the spectrum of feelings I experience. It's the real me onstage but probably the most liberated authentic version of myself.

Does performing live ever get draining? What do you like and dislike about playing live?

I love to perform live: this is the reason I started this band, I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and connect with humans. I think to avoid getting super drained I have a bunch of strategies to make sure I look after myself while on the road. Like making sure I get as much sleep as possible and making sure I make room for quiet time where I can.

Do you imagine fully how your songs will sound once they have been recorded, and how much do your songs change from when you first think of the idea to when you’re happy with them?

Depends on the song - like some come together and meet the intended vision and others come together in the studio and take a whole new shape. I just follow my gut always.

What are your favourite topics to write songs about?

Just whatever I feel I guess - the best ones are the closest to my personal experience.

Did it ever become an intentional decision to build a fanbase from live shows or was it mostly just what you enjoyed doing the most?

I knew I wanted to be good, like I always believed in the project and wanted it to do well. But, the thing that keeps me here and what I most enjoy is how much I love to play, write and record music.

The theme of our tribute showcase this year is songs by Brisbane bands - what is your favourite song by a Brisbane band?

Streets of Your Town by The Go-Betweens

Tickets to the We Built This City showcase at the triffid can be purchased here.


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