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Meet Creed Tha Kid

Fresh from supporting Lil Mosey and showcasing at Bigsound Creed Tha Kid is doing things in hip hop while also finishing school. MAIA EFSTATHIS talked to Creed and producer Tukah.

Where has your music journey taken you so far?

Creed: It’s taken me to the point where ive been in a lot of studios and have had a lot of amazing opportunities that I’ve used and benefited from to help with my music career. I just recently went on tour as a supporting act for Lil Mosey and did shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. I’ve also scored a place in the lineup of Bigsound and of Laneway 2020. I have heaps more music coming out soon as well which I’m so excited to share.

When are you planning on releasing new music? Creed: I will be dropping new single soon, just so we can keep up the momentum of the tracks and so that every month I’ll start to hopefully release a new track.

Is there an album or EP you’re working towards? Creed: I’ve got both an album and an EP in the works right now. I’ve already got an EP and at the moment I’m just working on finishing off my album which we are aiming to release in the middle of the year 2020. I’m really just tryna make as much music as I can right now.

What goes into the process of making your music with Tukah? Creed: Tuki is my main man, he’s my big guy so he does all of my beats and he’s my producer. He knows the sound that I like because we’ve been working together for a long time. He usually just makes me a beat and sends it to me, sees if I like it, then I usually just freestyle melodies over the top until I find what’s right for the track. Then I write lyrics to the melody.

Have you ever made your own beats? Creed: Yeah I have made a few but they’re pretty shit. I’m not very good at making beats but if I really need to make a beat I can do it. But yeah I just usually leave that part up to Tukah.

(To Tukah) What’s your inspiration for the beats you make? Tukah: Metro. For sure Metro Boomin, he’s one of my favourite producers. I also like Royce, he’s crazy. Yeah usually I just listen to a track and i try to make a beat that’s sort of a similar style, but I also like to make stuff completely unique so it’s not just a copy of other stuff.

Who makes all the cover art? Creed: I have a manager and he sorts me out with everything I need to do, so if we need an album cover, he will talk to the people he knows who are very good with that visual work. Then he will give me a couple of options, then I choose the one I like the best. But yeah he definitely includes me in any conversations about my visual representation. I did do some of my own cover art though, for example the cover of my single “Dollars”. We do try to be as independent as possible with it but if we can get that extra help we do take it.

What’s your music goal right now? Creed: My goal is to travel the world and do crazy shows and have my music heard on global levels: playing for major artists, playing in major cities and playing in front of major audiences.



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