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Back 2 You, Lily-Jade’s Mellow Debut

Ava Cooper: May 27, 2022

While this may be her first release, Lily-Jade is not new to performing or songwriting. She has been involved in the local, Gold Coast music scene since she was 10 years old, making appearances at numerous gigs, festivals and events as well as having her music played on radio stations.

Lily-Jade Fitch sings of distress, trying to navigate a winding maze of love. A chaotic and frustrating experience. Yet, she does it in such a beautiful way. Her new single “Back 2 You” will give you a big, warm, sonic hug and tell you it’s all going to be okay, despite the confusion you may feel. This unexpected comparison of a stressful situation and beautiful delivery takes its listener on a journey through every emotion under the sun in a sweet and calming way.


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