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  • Brett Wood

hunter 505 Uncovers The Emotional Struggle Within In New EP 'mood'

Known for his distinct fusion of dark RnB pop fused with slick neo-hip-hop sensibilities, Sydney-based artist and producer hunter 505 is unveiling his highly-anticipated EP ‘mood’, out on May 27.

Showing off his songwriting capabilities alongside his obvious affinity for performing and production, hunter 505 has been serving up the tunes since his 2018 debut, significantly propelling his sonic evolution forwards this year with assertive genre defiance and self-examining emotional epiphanies.

Offering up a five-track sonic journey highlighting the emotional struggle within, ‘mood’ moves fluidly from the self-contemplating bravado of ‘ego’, the stormy, internal mental battle found in ‘handle’ and ‘before i die’, drifting towards ‘heart attack' that explores accepting loving someone else and eventually finding peace in the baptism of ‘natural’ by exploring how to love yourself.



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