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  • Xander Shepherd

L D R U Makes No Excuses

Hot off a remix collaboration with Major Lazer, the Sydney based, electronic music mastermind L D R U makes no excuses, with his new track ‘The Excuse’. Fans have been avidly awaiting a return of explosive vocals, which is met with someone like Pacific Avenue’s lead singer Harry O’Brien at the helm. It makes it impossible not to have the recipe for success.

O’Brien’s vocals swing this song into the summer. Bright melodics lift the mood, creating the dreamy, dancing abound sound that draws people under the spinning, mirrored ball. The lyrics further support this attitude, as he speaks of being “so into you”, these combined suggesting a house party or club where he’s seen someone he’s interested in and decides to pursue.

L D R U mixes these masterful vocals into his signature flourish of beats but also into live studio instruments, which can be best heard during the pre-choruses. Who these were performed by is an unknown, but they absolutely knocked it out the park whoever they were. Their involvement in the piece is mental, considering they aren’t heard too much during the bulk of the song, i.e. the chorus. The drums are especially noticeable, being a pivotal part of the build to said chorus, along with a complementing bass and piano, which bring fresh fruit punch to the sound. All of this together in the master mix sounds raw and unlike any other L D R U song, sprouting straight from the ground in the most tropical of climates.

Your 2023 summer jam came earlier than expected, with the shining vocals of Harry O’Brien, and the signature sound that L D R U can create so masterfully now. If you’ve been a fan of his since the early days, you can really hear a progression here from his back catalogue as he’s really come into his own on his most recent tracks, creating the juiciest sounds around.

L D R U answered some questions for us about not only ‘The Excuse’, released globally on the 24th of August, but also the history of his career and who has inspired him along the way.



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