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  • Frankie Simmons

The Cherubs Blow Competition Out Of The Water With New Single Nausea

Sydney-based duo The Cherubs have taken their turn in the spotlight with this catchy new song.

'Nausea' takes listeners on a thrilling journey through time, as the song effortlessly combines elements of the past with a contemporary twist. The track showcases the band's ability to capture the essence of iconic bands like Joy Division, The Smiths, and Ultravox, while maintaining a fresh and relevant sound.

From the very first note, 'Nausea' prompts listeners to get up out of their seats and shake it off. The guitars and hooks creep deeper into your head as the song continues, revealing a rich and fun instrumentation.

One of the standout aspects of 'Nausea' is the way it showcases the band's infectious energy and enthusiasm. The rich, fun instrumentation weaves a tapestry of sound, keeping the listeners engaged from start to finish. As 'Nausea' unfolds, it becomes evident that the band knows how to strike the perfect balance between honouring their influences and forging their own path. It is this unique combination that sets them apart and promises a bright future ahead.

As the first hint of the band’s forthcoming music ‘Nausea’ demonstrates not just a clear, tight band dynamic, but an overarching sense of fun that listeners can anticipate to be threaded through their music as the rest of 2023 rolls out.

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