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  • Xander Shepherd

Q&A With LDRU: On New Music, His History And Where He's Going Next

L D R U fans rejoice! The much-loved project of acclaimed Sydney-based producer and DJ Drew Carmody has officially returned, marked by his signing of a worldwide deal to Warner Music Australia and the arrival of his addictive new single “The Excuse” out now.

Accompanying the new release is a high-energy, psychedelic collage video created by Australian digital artist Ego / Undersea Creative.

Talking about “The Excuse”, L D R U says the main element of the record was collaboration.

“Synergy between great minds and feelings alike, all mixed into one harmonious blend of dance/rock and pop. It’s about not caring what anyone else thinks, clearing your head from all the drama and having a genuine childlike state of mind - really having fun, with the kind of laughter that makes your cheeks ache from smiling so much.”

The collaborators Drew is referring to are songwriter and producer Taras Hrubyj-Piper, plus hilarious TikTok-famous comedian and drummer Tom Cardy.

Our very own Xander Shepherd got to chat with Drew on his history, new track and what's next for L D R U

Photo Credit: Pat Stevenson

Let’s start back at your debut, where did you learn the production skills necessary to release ‘The Tropics’?

"I'd been producing and DJing a few years prior to that release but everything was self-taught. I'm not musically trained either... I think the internet helped quite a lot but pure passion for producing & music led me to have mad skillz I'd say."

I have a vague idea but would still like to ask, where the origin of your name came from, and why you’ve stuck with it?

"It comes from the game grand theft auto. It's an all weapons max ammo cheat. Honestly, L D R U was just something I did for fun and then the name stuck!"

Continuing through your history, was it surreal when ‘Keeping Score’ got into Triple J’s 2015 Hottest 100 and went ARIA Platinum? If not surreal, what emotions were you feeling?

"Surreal is the right word. Life is crazy... I came 22nd!! which I couldn't believe. I make music for fun, so to get nominated for all these awards was truly humbling."

This success brought even more success, playing at numerous big festivals. How did it feel playing on some of the biggest stages in Australia, and have you managed to get back to said stages since?

"Thank you 🙂 I've been asked this a few times but there's actually no way of describing it in words. Come along to a show one time and I'll get you on stage with me ❤️"

You were in a band around this time as well. How did your time as part of Carmada shape who you are as an artist today, and were the goals of the band different from your individual goals?

"Yeah, you could call it that! It's shaped me tremendously. I've learnt A LOT of life lessons through starting a band and splitting up. The goals have always been the same! Work hard, play harder and with a little bit of luck I'll cya at the top!"

What does your personal workflow look like? How easily did 'The Excuse' come to be?

"I generally write songs pretty quickly... Anywhere from 2 hours to 2 months but this song has taken over 3 years to come to fruition! We'd need to sit down for a drink to talk more about that one..."

Outside of making music, who do you listen to? Has there been any artists in particular who have influenced the creation of your new music?

"I don't get much time these days to search for music, I spend most of my time writing it! But ever since Mac Miller passed away, I listened to his stuff for months and now I'm loving hip-hop in general again."

You have a catalogue of varying tracks in your discography, do you have a favourite, and why?

"They are pretty diverse aren't they... My favourites are constantly changing depending on what mood I'm in."

If you were able to choose any artist or band to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

"Mac Miller. I was late to the Mac party but he seemed like such a genuinely cool person and his flow was most dope."

To finish I must ask, where are you headed in your career?

"I'm headed towards my Debut Album and more award-winning songs 🙂 Also, a few houses on the beach. Cya there!"




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