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  • Brett Wood

The Zombie Apocalypse Hits Unearthed High

What do you do when you get trapped in an abandoned building during a zombie apocalypse? Write a song about it, of course.

Four music-obsessed teens are on a mission to win triple j Unearthed High - so the end of the world will have to wait. Soundtrack To Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse is a 10 x 1/2 hour series offering action-packed, cranked-to-11, zombie-fuelled fun, underscored with music from Australia's hottest new bands.

This series contains an expansive soundtrack that showcases the diversity and strength of Australia's best emerging musicians. Featuring tunes from favourites Ruby Fields, Caroline and Claude, The Rions, HYG, Teenage Joans, Beddy Rays, Smol Fish, Fritz, Maia, Vacation Club and more.

Soundtrack to Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse will launch Monday 15 August, and broadcast weeknights at 6:30pm on ABC ME.

The first five episodes will be available on ABC iview from 6:30pm, Monday 15 August. The remaining five episodes will be available from 6:30pm, Monday 22nd August.


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