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  • India Wallis

The Silver Spurs Welcome You To Their Rodeo At Black Bear Lodge

The Silver Spurs are a cowboy band with sounds of funk, indie and soul. They're ready to launch into the Brisbane music scene on August 21st live at Black Bear Lodge with supports from The Avenews and Bonsai Bay. This is one bull you’re gonna wanna rope, so make you get your tickets promptly.

The cowboy gang consists of singer/guitarist/bassist Cowtippin Curt, guitarist Billy the Kid, bassist Wrasslin’ Ryan, and guitarist/bassist Lucky Anderson. For fans of all things cowboy, they’re the band for you!

Born from a desire to mix good, honest music with good, honest fun, the Silver Spurs promise an unforgettable night with grit and cowboy charm.

"Now, there are plenty of countrymen in this plenty big town, but we Modern Cowboys prefer spinning our yarns with a mix of Indie, funk, and a smack of grunge. Bringing original music, tales and characters, we always go above and beyond."

The boys aren’t new to the Brisbane scene, individually being involved in Blonded, Carmody Road, Stoneleigh and a few other bands along the way. No longer myth or urban legend, this is only the beginning of the western tale for the The Silver Spurs.

"Be you a seasoned outlaw, an honest lawman, or a humble rancher, cowboy outfits are highly encouraged. Kick the mud off your cowboy boots and make sure you polish your spurs. This is just the beginning, Welcome to The Rodeo."

You can find tickets here



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