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  • Xander Shepherd

The Kite String Tangle Is Too Pretty For a Fist Fight

Tangled up for 2 years. Not a kite in sight. It looked less than hopeful. But then, suddenly, Danny “The Kite String Tangle” Harley drops his club anthem ‘Fist Fight’ and all peace is restored.

Photo: Mitch Lowe

If you’re unaware of who The Kite String Tangle is, you probably aren’t reading this article. Just in case however, I’ll catch you up to speed. Brisbane born and based electronic musician The Kite String Tangle is someone who has piqued my interest countless times over his decade plus of activity in the music sphere. He paints gorgeous soundscapes through his deep understanding of synth, then overlays it with crisp percussion and lush vocals that more often than not, just simply hit. His last solo body of work, C()D3X, is an arguably perfect album, which now dates back three years. So the question is, how does ‘Fist Fight’ compare, and is there more to come?

In short, it’s like he never left. ‘Fist Fight’ disturbs Harley’s regular sound, still including his meticulously crafted synth work along with his soaring vocals, but throws his usual melodies and percussive elements on their heads, opting for a dance beat and brash melodic licks through the chorus. They meld together, creating a new assertive sound I feel Harley will continue with into the future.

The single also offers The Kite String Tangle’s usual intellectual lyrics. Here, he sings a modernised love story, or more so, realistic love story. Upon first impressions, the central character is infected by their love interest, and over the course of the song tries to impress them, however, keeps it real. Like when Harley sings “I was a pizza man”, easily the most enjoyable lyric in the song.

Both the music and lyrics come together, painting a night scene. Rain overhead, racing past neon lights down an open road. The Kite String Tangle sees the visuals a little differently, just as he regularly does. For the songs visualiser, he’s teamed up with Austrian audiovisual artist MONOCOLOR, whose work can only be described as breathtaking.

You can probably tell that I’m excited that The Kite String Tangle has made an appearance in the scene. ‘Fist Fight’ will definitely be one of the leading tracks of my playlists this year, and will certainly be a successful relaunch of Danny Harley’s project. It’s also safe to say that more is coming from the project in the coming months. What it will be we can’t know for certain. But the kite will fly again.

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