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Stephen Grady - In June - a Review

After a productive 2020, where he released two albums - Wonder and Streets of Gold - Stephen Grady has been on a pandemic imposed hiatus. For an artist who loves to write and perform live the challenge of being on hold for the past two years presented unique challenges.

Grady says he didn’t want to write a ‘lockdown’ album, but admits there’s one song on the album, Bigger Things that aims to capture the bigger picture. There’s also a song titled Let’s Go Walking one of the few luxuries people were allowed during the lockdown.

“A lot changed for me personally at the beginning of 2020, good and bad. There were endings and new beginnings.” Grady explains. “Then suddenly the pandemic hit and I found myself stuck in an apartment where I had intended to only stay for a couple months.”

From top to bottom this is a complete set of songs. Grady has the ability to weave a melody through a song that hooks the listener in. Combined with lyrics that take you on a journey he is quickly becoming one of the countries best songwriters. Standout tracks include Same Side of The Bed, Bigger Things, In June and Common Ground, but this is a complete set that should be listen to from go to whoa.

Drawing influences from Neil Young, Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, Tom Rush, and Gordon Lightfoot, Grady has put his education to good use. Not only has he learnt from a cast of legends he has been able to find his own voice.

In June is the kind of album that would be best played on a vintage turntable on a lazy Sunday morning with a warm cup of coffee. There is a solid dose of nostalgia with a fresh and current vibe.

In June is out on all platforms on June 24th


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