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Lights Shine Down - Review

Award-winning Melbourne artist Aroly Tariq proves once again their love and passion for music are vibrant with this beautiful song, Lights Shine Down. Exploring new boundaries of Indie electronic sound and using their creative streak to create this song.

The debut single uses r&b melodies with gentle electronic beats and the combination of Aroly’s dreamy voice. So incredibly easy to become swept up and taken away with this perfect combination of soft, addictive beats and their truly beautiful voice. Aroly has utilised their gift of simple yet relatable lyricism leaving the repetitive lines on repeat in your head. Lights Shine Down brings a dystopian artistic feeling into the soul of all listeners. Their obvious creative talent is also seen in their futuristic, artificial-like artwork, as seen on their instagram. Aroly Tariq yet

again soothes and brings peace to many with her new single Lights Shine Down, with an EP to be released shortly after.


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