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  • Xander Shepherd

Don’t Leave WAAX on Read

Something incredible stirs within the Brisbane music industry. Two guitarists, a drummer, and a vocalist formed, becoming WAAX. Winning the Triple J Unearthed BIGSOUND award in 2014 propelled the band to new heights, now having a platform to reach more than just their local music scene in Brisbane. The alternative band have released 2 EPs and their debut studio album ‘Big Grief’. That’s enough of the history though, let’s look at what’s coming, today for that matter.

Read Receipts is an angsty tune, a really good one to pump into your headphones when screaming into a pillow really loudly. This is highlighted through a modern breakup, getting friendzoned, being left on read, the usual stuff for the average person nowadays. Lead vocalist Maz DeVita states, “It’s literally about being left on read and being left in the cold with no answers. I was definitely feeling those feels at the time.”

Aside from songwriting, Read Receipts spews (in a good way) awesome performances from all four band members. The drums on this track are incredibly captivating, drawing you further into the piece, yet they manage to withdraw themselves from the main action. The guitars have a super cool effect throughout the song, also captivating the listener. They’re quite dreamy, like a candle’s scent wafting through the air. It’s likely meant to symbolise how sobering it can be to be dumped by someone you really thought loved you. DeVita’s vocals on the single are incredible too, contributing to the storytelling, sounding as if your date didn’t show up to formal last minute.

I’m certainly not an expert on the ins and outs of WAAX, but I can say with absolute confidence that Read Receipts is a banger. It would simply pain someone to say something is bad about the tune. It’s hard to go wrong when the song comes naturally, DeVita remembers, “This one came together super fast. James [Gatling] and I were writing together on the Sunshine Coast and immediately the melody and lyric fell out.” WAAX will be touring with The Amity Affliction this July, in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. I look forward to hearing more from WAAX, with their second studio album, At Least I'm Free, on the way later this year.


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