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  • Bert Sampson

Lackadaisies - Payphone Text - a review

An abrasive, jaunty guitar is the fist thing to grab your attention on the Lackadaises' latest release, Payphone Text. The bass and drums don't trail far behind and all three blend into a steady, danceable groove. The vocals are reminiscent of early Robert Smith and I'm here for it.

There is a brightness to the track that fits comfortably into the striped sunlight sound that is often associated with Brisbane music. According to vocalist Nathan Kearney, 'the title is inspired by an ex-partner who sent me a payphone text one time when they were away. I thought is was romantic; mainly because it would have taken ages to punch it into the dial pad.'

It's the first single from the forthcoming album "Payphone Text' that is due for an August release. Initial impressions are that this album would be a welcome partner for a comfy chair in the spring sun and a gin & tonic in a tall glass. Enjoy responsibly.

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