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  • Alice Milne

Silver Sheets: Josh Needs’ newest release is a fervent delve into lockdown romance.

“When the city closes its eyes, I’m coming.”

Eerie, reverberating instrumentals set the scene of unease as Josh Needs’ “Silver Sheets” tells the story of a dystopian lockdown romance. This post-punk track fused with grunge and surf had me hooked with its addictive opening riff.

“Sneaking through the backstreets, making up for time lost” - the lovers of “Silver Sheets” hide from prying eyes, meeting again after a long time separated. Needs’ grungy vocal delivery gives angst to risqué lyrics, describing a recent, pandemic-induced phenomenon: lockdown hookups. The song is infused with mystery, passion and pulsing nervousness.

Even if you didn’t find yourself a new love affair during the pandemic, the theme of uncertainty - being separated from your loved ones - hits close to home for all of us during lockdown.

Josh Needs is a Sydney based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. “Silver Sheets” is a single from his upcoming EP Fault Lines, written over the 2021 pandemic. My first glimpse of the upcoming EP through this intriguing, grungy track has put his new releases on my radar.



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