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  • Xander Shepherd

Set Mo Conjure a Flux

Described by Secret Sounds as having the “undisputed title as one of Australia’s most-adored dance acts”, it’s safe to say that Set Mo’s decade of activity has left an impact among not only their dedicated fanbase, but in the electronic scene as a whole. Flux, the duo’s second album instalment, lives up to the name, transcending listeners through time and space, like a cartoon character following the alluring scent of a freshly baked pie.

Like the rest of Set Mo’s discography, the album is sparingly littered with feature artists: Camp 8, Jess Kent, Summer, who add a bit of their own flavour to the tracks ‘Something to Dream Of’, ‘Out My Mind’, and ‘Second Line’ respectively.

Photo: Jordan Munns

Speaking of the tracks, the album runs over 13 tracks for just under 50 minutes. Set Mo seems to be focussed on the infectious movement of dance, most of the tracks fully capable of tearing up club floors across Australia. Percussive elements hurdle at the listener, causing deep subs to vibrate their brain, leading the way for catchy, both vocal and sampled melodies to plant a worm in the listeners ear, acting as a microchip, so listeners are humming the tunes all day. It also helps that the record is quite bright in its interior, the songs being perfect for winding down after a long day on the job, or studying too, leaving zero room for something melancholy.

‘Beat Control’ is my favourite track of the album. Compared to the others, it’s a down tempo, blast of sampling that is extremely enjoyable to listen to. The melodies in the chorus create polyphony, sounding like how the brain would sound if it were being controlled by the blasting tune, the human enslaved on the dance floor. The lyric of “let the beat control your body” and its delivery takes the cake for me. It fleshes out the track, super glueing it together.

The band describes one of the leading singles ‘Second Line (feat. Summer)’ as “a song about loss,” the duo both losing significant figures from their lives in 2019. They decided to write something “bold and confident that was more a celebration of their lives instead of mourning it.” The best part is the song comes across in this way. Whilst containing their usual array of high octane beats and instruments, the song comes across in a much more mature way, restraining itself at some points making way for a thought provoking quiet portion that invites the listener to reflect.

Whether you’re traditionally into EDM music, or on the fence of whether you should give it a try, Flux will certainly sway and keep you in the paddock. The tracks are versatile, flowing well as a collective. Yet, they all manage to have their individual qualities, making them unique and easily recognisable from one another. Set Mo will forever now be cemented in the Australian electronic scene, and will hopefully have more on the horizon.

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