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  • Ava Cooper

Playback Industries’ Epic Debut

Friday, 21st October saw the epic debut of Charlie Sloan’s label, Playback Industries. With assistance from Casualty Records, the launch gig was a great night, featuring a lineup of some of the best bands in the Brisbane youth music scene.

Sunday Service began the night with pounding drums. They played some of their renowned covers as well as premiering some new songs, never failing to surprise the audience and the Playback launch gig was no exception.

Sunday Service by Sasha Lilley

The Chimpeltons then took the stage, ready to rock. They are unforgiving classic punks with the attitudes to match. They put on an excellent show, featuring your favourite pub rock covers and remarkable bass solos.

Last but certainly not least, Loose Cannon stepped up the makeshift steps. Their incredible frontman, Charlie Sloan did an amazing job. Don’t let the name deceive you because these guys are tight. Loose Cannon uses bold, crunchy guitars to get their audience head banging. It was their cover of 'Prisoner Of Society' by The Living End that really wowed everyone.

Charlie Sloan by Sasha Lilley

With such a successful first gig, it can be seen that big things are coming for Playback Industries. Watch this space for info on their next move.


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