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marigolden Will Not Be Going To Mars

Melbourne/Wurundjeri-based artist, marigolden (Mel O’Neill) has released her latest single ‘Mars’ accompanied by an adorable music video featuring her dog.

‘Mars’ is a gentle and charming song that will give your tear ducts a workout, but leave you feeling free and unstoppable. It moves through phases, reinforcing the powerful story-like nature of the song.

The music video for ‘Mars’ is not only a fun and lighthearted extension of the song, but it brings forward the deeper themes present in the song. Thanks to Heap Stoked Productions, these deeper meanings are brought to life.

Featuring marigold waking up to an abandoned house, she takes her dog for a walk, only to discover that it’s not just her house that is empty, it’s the rest of the world too. As the song progresses, we delve deeper into marigold’s fantasy of being truly alone, and therefore free of judgement and responsibility.

Joining the well-received single that has seen support from the likes of Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, 3RRR, Pilerats, AAA Backstage and much more, marigolden's music video for 'Mars' is out now.

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