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  • Ava Cooper

Live Show By Youth Lead Record Label, 'Anti-Dismal' Loved By Brisbane's Youth

On September 17th, youth lead record label, Anti-Dismal, put on an all-ages show at Paddington Community Hall. Starving Kids staff writer Ava Cooper reviewed the show that was loved by all.

Ixara Dorizac’s second gig under her label Anti-Dismal was an enchanting night you are mad you missed. It was a lineup chock-full of the Brisbane Youth Scene’s best and brightest.

Threshold were the perfect band to begin; they got the mosh going straight away. Ixara, their frontwoman putting on a captivating show. Ixara’s second band, Sunday Service, then showed up, blowing every crowd member away with their impeccable covers and insane originals.

Piss Off, punk extraordinaires, then kept up this epic momentum with their incredible originals and covers. Piss Off never fail to impress their audience, by changing up their setlist every time and always playing covers familiar and cherished by young Brisbanites.

Everso came prepared to wow the people. During their set, Ruben Darwin, who typically plays guitar, whipped out a saxophone. His powerfully soothing licks truly stole the show, giving their songs a whole new quality.

Ruben Darwin playing saxophone for Everso (Photo by Lachlan Bond)

Then, Naaki Soul stepped up to steal the crowds’ hearts. Their lead singer, Anika, filled the Paddington Community Hall with her euphonious voice. Naaki Soul creates a warm wall of sound and invites you to climb it. They take you on a journey through worlds you can only dream of.

Theo Todd of Naaki Soul (Photo by Luke Johnson)

Loose Cannon was the final act of the night, and what a way to finish the night. Their frontman, Charlie Sloan, shredded as he always does. And the band’s effortless riffs that rocked the mosh must also be commended.

Anti-Dismal has also just held an all-girl-fronted gig on Sunday October 9th, called Queens Of Noise, co-run by Brisbane record label, Reyco Records. With more events coming up soon, you won’t want to miss the next epic night of music and fun from Anti-Dismal.

Everso (Photo Lachlan Bond)

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