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Have You Reached The Triple Diamond Status?

Following up from her debut single, Hollywood Ending, Zzade lets rip at capitalists and politicians alike with industrial pop banger, Triple Diamond Status. It's no surprise to learn that she is the former front woman of The Blockades, a high school rock trio that penned politically charged lyrics and performed at the 2021 School Strike 4 Climate Change.

Triple Diamond Status shifts focus from Hollywood Ending's scorned lover to take on the money makers and trough snuffling pollies. It's hard to miss who this line was aimed at, "I would shake the Devil's hand to be in Hawaii with a tan." In her release post Zzade removes all doubt, "Also thank you Scott Morrison for the inspo!"

The track, produced by Tom Megalos, opens with bare drums and vocal, allowing us to hear the lyrics clearly before the bass groove kicks in making this a suitable dance-floor number. A lone, crunchy, fuzzy guitar joins in to round out the sonics for the chorus. The song is a nice progression from Hollywood Ending and shows off more of the range of the emerging pop persona of Zzade.

At SK we've been lucky enough to catch a couple of Zzade's live shows and getting along to the launch of this single at O'Skulligan's on December the 8th is highly recommended. She won't be playing small rooms for much longer. Get your tickets here.


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