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Brisbane Indie Artist Six, Unveils Sombre Single ‘Sticks and Stones’

From Brisbane, 17 year old Six Cartwright has been writing, recording and producing their own music since they were 13. They started off by releasing a few originals on Bandcamp under the name Radioboy, and in 2020 they released their first single, followed by an EP ‘Sleep’.

Since then, they have started anew, releasing different music and experimenting with different genres and sounds, as well as rebranding and changing their artist name to ‘Six’.

Six’s latest release, ‘Sticks and Stones’ was released on the 28th of October, and incorporated elements of bedroom pop and alt rock, with its lyrics and instrumentation. The song combines acoustic tones as well as crunchy, distorted guitars, growing in intensity as the song builds into the final chorus.

"‘Sticks and Stones’ was written after getting out of a pretty shitty situation, and my only way of coping with my feelings is to make them into music, so that's pretty much exactly what I did"- Six

Six is currently working on completing a 9 track album ‘Blaming the Stars’, which they plan on releasing in early 2023.

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