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  • Bert Sampson

Can We Still Be Friends Bella?

We've all been there right? Fallen out of love but still wanting to remain friends. It's a tough asks and Meanjin/Brisbane singer-songwriter, Bella Jane explores the possibility in her new single, Still Be Friends. This single follows on from her successful 2021 release, Light On which also settled on the theme of longing and love. Bella Jane is a self confessed sentimental pop artist, "I write pop music on love and sentimental memories of mine."

"Still Be friends is about a time in my life where I was going through some relationship turmoil and wanted to continue as friends. It’s always tricky when you make that decision to part ways romantically and decide whether or not it’s right to go on as friends and navigating that." - Bella Jane

Still Be Friends is a breezy pop tune that is produced by Tom Eggert (HANNI, Busby Marou, Jem Cassar-Daley) and if you can hear similarities with fellow Music Industry College graduate HANNI that's no surprise as the trio co-wrote Golden Eyes which, was released by HANNI in 2020 and has quietly racked up 4.5 million streams.

Bella Jane's vocals are the perfect match for the pop production. She delivers the lyrics effortlessly and flawlessly. This one will be added immediately to our playlist and will be on repeat for the entire summer. Whether driving in your car with the windows down or sipping a chilled rosé on a deck overlooking the ocean, this tune is a match for a myriad of situations.



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