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  • Xander Shepherd

Get Down, with Close Counters

Bright, colourful, and groovy are three of many words I’d use to describe Close Counters’ second long-form body of work, SOULACOASTA II. Described by the duo as an “expedition through soul, house, broken beat and beyond'', the hour-plus aural adventure infects you, making you tap your foot to the tune, getting on a groove.

With almost a decade’s worth of experience, Close Counters’ sequel album features singles ‘GET DOWN’, ‘SNAP TO IT!’, ‘THE DON’, and ‘ONLY ONE’, all seeing success prior to the release, as well as 10 brand new entrancing, meticulously crafted tracks. The Melbourne/Naarm based duo spend their time looking for the next big sample, diving through niche sound archives from across Australia and Europe to add the final pizzazz their tracks need. They’re also no strangers to the world of radio, being added to rotation across multiple Triple J stations, and having been played across the pond, at the BBC.

From start to finish, the album is truly a delight to listen to. High octane percussion and smooth, bouncy synths surround the duo’s carefully curated samples. All the elements attract to each other, clearly and concisely under a unified mind, as if they were bees and pollen. The energy doesn’t die down until the very end of the album, truly transporting someone to Close Counters’ dimension of aural feast and marvellous spectacle. Speaking of, their collaboration track with Izy, ‘ONLY ONE’, earnt itself a music video, where the viewer spectates a surrealist inspired dance sequence, filmed on 16mm film stock.

Whether you're in the car, or getting ready for the busy day ahead, SOULACOASTA II is a must play from front to back, especially if you haven’t before. If you're in the mood for a groove, a shuffle, or just a good time, Close Counters are a band to watch out for. In fact, if you’re lazing around Hobart on the 4th of March, I’m sure they’d love to have you at The Grand Poobah cheering them on during their DJ set.

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