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  • Emma Whines

Fazerdaze Returns With New Single 'Come Apart'

After a long and unplanned hiatus, Fazerdaze is back with her new single “Come Apart”, stepping into an era that sounds more akin to 90’s grunge than the lush dream-pop she rose to fame with nearly five years ago.

Indeed, 2017 was the last time we heard any new music from Amelia Murray, aka Fazerdaze, and she attributes her long break to a complete collapse in both her personal and professional life. After a whirlwind two years, Amelia felt an immense sense of burnout and general anxiety towards her life.

A combination of unhealthy personal relationships, feelings of unworthiness regarding her burgeoning success and general mental exhaustion soon began to manifest in her musical output; at a time when she should have been deep in the throes of writing her follow-up project, Fazerdaze found she couldn’t finish a single song. Since then, Amelia's life has been about healing her relationship with herself and finding a healthy balance in juggling the areas of her life.

“No longer being stoic and strong was the best thing I ever did for myself. Giving up on the people and things that weren’t working in my life was this big emotional release.” She says.

And out of that emotional release came the new single “Come Apart”, which is every bit as worked-up and grungy as you could imagine. “Come Apart” sounds like the equivalent of a musical threeway between The Pixies, Nirvana and Olivia Rodrigo. The scuzzy vocals and stringy guitar takes you straight back to the 90s and maybe even throw a quiet nod to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The production and lyrics speak volumes and really paint a clear picture of how Fazerdaze has been feeling for the past 5 years.

Fazerdaze comments that “Come Apart is an angsty surrender to growing apart from people in my life. I wrote this at a time when I wasn't accepting that some of my closest relationships were just not working. I was contorting myself to fit others, doing everything I could to keep the relationships going instead of allowing them to be what they were; ending, done. I believe this song was a way for my subconscious to shout at me to surrender and to allow things in my life to come to an end.”

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