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  • Frankie Simmons

Exciting new single from Monet's Pond

Monet’s Pond has excited fans with the release of their new single “Bloom”. Monet’s Pond, a.k.a. Brigette Lawrence, is a young Brisbane resident, focussing on an almost psychedelic sound. She uses layering, keyboards and dystopian sounds for modern music. With sweet, soft and enchanting pipes her voice can only be enhanced by the building crescendos and steady beat.

Deriving her music from psychedelia, R & B and neo soul, Bridgette releases this legendary second single after dropping out of university. Her dreamy vocals, synths and snappy percussion is a new stroke of brilliance from her usual psych rock style merging into more synth pop.

Monet’s Pond is inspired by artists such as Kali Uchis, Erykah Badu and Tkay Maidza. This impressive and daring 19-year-old is taking big strides in modern music making. She strives in having an original sound that still manages to engage the audience and get you dancing. She’s making her mark in the music industry, get keen for her single launch on the 9th of June at Wooly Mammoth in Brisbane.

Staff writer: Frankie Simmons



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