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  • Ava Cooper

Cannon Limba: The Closing Chapter

Last Friday night, The Albion Peace Centre hosted the final show from Cannon Limba, supported by many of their friends and local bands. Kaleb Collings who runs Casualty Records put together the entire event selling out the 200+ online tickets. Despite the crowds, punters were well looked after with great facilities, free water and plenty of space to breathe.

The first band of the night, Loose Cannon, were a great start to a great night. Charlie Sloan amazed the crowds once again with his phenomenal guitar skills and stage presence. The rest of the band accompanied remarkably. Loose Cannon’s repertoire included originals that the crowd went wild for and some exceptional covers too.

Sunday Service then took the stage for a sensational set. Again, Ixara Dorizac wowed the audience with her incredible frontwoman skills. It was their cover of ‘Labrador’ by WAAX that stole the show however. Additionally, Harry Franklin (usually the drummer) jumped onto guitar and sang a moving tribute to Violent Soho, covering ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’. Sunday Service seem to have taken a new direction with their originals, opting for a harder, grungier sound, but sticking with some of their crowd pleasers and covers.

Then Piss Off jumped onto the makeshift stage made of pallets. Playing some of the well-known tracks of their album, Gormless. They accompanied this with intense covers, ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine was the song that really blew everyone away however. May Gleeson joined them for an electrifying rendition of ‘Song 2’ by Blur, everyone cheering as she stepped on stage. Despite only being a three-piece, Piss Off managed to build a wall of sound, engulfing the mosh into a beautiful moment.

Then came the star of the show, Cannon Limba, pulling in everyone who had been lurking at the back for a set that would rock their socks off. Inviting heavy-hearted fans onstage, they got everyone into the mosh. Another Violent Soho cover displayed just how much they would be missed by the youth scene. ‘Covered In Chrome’ was what set it off, not a single person could be seen not dancing. Their last song, sung with the crowd’s help, ‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters, a fitting farewell to a band adored by so many. Cannon Limba will be missed greatly, but it will be great to see what they each do next.

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