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Anti-dismal, a Night to Remember

At just 14, Ixara Dorizac threw the gig of a lifetime.

Ixara Dorizac. Learn her name. Last Friday the 17th of June, she made history at the Woolloongabba Substation, pulling the biggest crowd ever seen there. A whopping 125 people showed up to support the youth scene. But do not fear, because Ixara was well-prepared. Throughout the night she offered everyone free earplugs and always checked to ensure everyone was ok.

It began with a dreamy performance from Everso. Their first song, featuring May Gleeson of Wisher, sure set the night off with a bang, and everything that followed was remarkable. They played their new material which has taken an amazing leap musically.

Videocouch then took the stage with a cover of This Charming Man by The Smiths. They’re known for their tight covers, but what really got the crowd going was their original, Better Run Boy, demonstrating their incredible versatility.

Ixara then took a break from running the gig to play in her first band of the night, the newly formed, Wisher. Despite the technical difficulties, the band pulled through. With Ixara’s unmatched stage presence and May Gleeson’s jaw-dropping voice the band had everyone in the venue in the palm of their hand.

The fourth band of the night was Cannon Limba, known for their punk attitudes and audience involvement, lived up to that reputation. Jesus, at one point jumping off the bass amp. To Cannon Limba, it isn’t just about the music, it’s about how they play it, and they did not disappoint.

Sunday Service was the final act of the gig, Ixara’s second band. They had to get Eli Glover to step in on bass, learning their songs just hours before the gig. But you would not have even noticed. They also performed an original only written on Wednesday. But, they’re such talented musicians, it all came together so well, like they’d all been playing that set for years. It was their cover of Labrador by WAAX that stole the show however, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Eli later said “It felt like, liberating. They’re gonna do really great things.”

Overall, Anti-dismal was a gig that will go down in Brisbane Youth Scene history, as one of the greats. You don’t want to miss the next colossal Anti-dismal gig, because big things are coming from Ixara Dorizac.


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