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  • Frankie Simmons

Macklemore’s Maniac

Macklemore has crossed new boundaries with his new single Maniac. The music video takes heavy inspiration from OutKast’s “Hey Ya” music video and the Ed Sullivan show, with the artist calling it an ode to these classics. With this new song, we see a rebirth of Macklemore’s artistic style. While we won’t forget his hits like “thrift store” and “same love”, his new era is just as catchy. With a cameo from Nardwuar, the music video makes you want to get up and dance. The song describes the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship.

While there may be many ups and downs, they overall allow you to grow as a person. Everyone can learn something from Maniac’s lyrics and story. While the indie funky beat gets stuck in your head, Macklemore never fails to hide deep messages in his music.



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