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  • Bert Sampson

The Chats, Get Fucked

It seems like only last week that The Chats released break out single "Smoko" in fact it was five years ago. Fuck! A lot has changed since then. Floods. A pandemic. Bushfires. The fall of the worst government in Australia's history. What hasn't changed is The Chat's ability to crank out fast paced, attitude laden punk rock.

This week they released their fourth album since 2016, Get Fucked. They are prodigious bastards aren't they. Some bands don't release that many in a decade but despite the sentiment of 'Smoko' the threesome are always on the grind and rarely seem to take a break from touring or recording and we are the beneficiaries.

Opener "6L GTR" is cut from the same cloth as previous releases "AD/DC CD' and "Pub Feed", distinctly Australia lyrics, driving guitars, and snarling vocals with a shout out loud chorus. The pace goes up a level with "Boggo Breakout" and "Struck by Lightning" with its dash of surf guitar in the lead break.

"Southport Superman" is a short intense blaze of guitars, blast beats and grunt. If you've been to the Gold Coast you've met him. "Panic Attack" gives the listener a chance to take a breath with a drum and bass intro. But the rest is short lived once Eamon Sandwith's vocals kick in and lead us to a staccato chorus. This one is a grower and could soon become my favourite track off the album.

If you've ever caught public transport you'll be able to relate to Ticket Inspector". We've all been there, "Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run". It is classic punk, straight out of The Sex Pistols playbook. An anarchic classic. "The Price of Smokes' is a cost of living lament. Rent, food, fuel or a pack of darts? The choice is a tough one. The song closes out with a cheeky solution to the issue.

"Dead On Site" and "Paid Late" continue in the same vein, fast paced and poetic.

"I've Been Drunk In Every Pub" In Brisbane name checks almost every pub in Brisbane and is sure to be a crowd pleaser especially in their hometown. I'm sure there will be a few punters who will invite the lads down to their local to add to the lengthy list.

I'd be keen to hear the backstory of "Emperor Of The Beach". Considering the band are originally from Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast I'm sure they are pointing the middle finger at a particular individual or could it be to the collective 'locals only' crowd? Either way it's a romp of a track and one of the slower paced tunes on this collection.

The pace picks up again with "Out On The Street" and closer "Getting Better" which has a real Ramones vibe.

The Chats are the nations favourite cheeky, naughty boys who most of us would like to share a beer with. With lyrics that are relatable to the everyday experiences of many. Not only have they learnt from those who have come before them, The Clash, Pistols, Ramones, Cosmic Psychos, Hard-ons, Razor and more, they are carving their own path and we are happy to be on the journey with them.

There will be mosh pits aplenty when they take Get Fucked out on the road next month.




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