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Bracko El Titan Releases LLAMAS

Bracko El Titan, formally known as Bradford Sands is a Peruvian Hip Hop/Rap artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Bracko is also currently under artist management with Late Night Collective - a Brisbane Based Hip Hop/Rap Collective. Bracko is heavily inspired by Rap heavy hitters such as Kendrick Lamar, Baby Keem, Childish Gambino, Earthgang and Future.

His focus on the lyrical content helps him express a story or emotion in his music. Bracko El Titan has only recently started making music the past 2 years alongside his fellow artist/producer TELLER. He first appeared on TELLER’s debut EP Visions of the Past in a song called Devin and Mac. He then went on to work on a separate project alongside TELLER called Jumperz. They released an EP called Jumperz vol.1. This EP was a project focused on making music for the club, the tracks were focusing on the energetic “hype” mentality.

Bracko had also played at Shedfest - a youth focused mini festival held at Ventspace that featured a mixture of rock, indie and rap music, for this EP’s release alongside TELLER.

Bracko, Also known as Brad by his peers, started his journey making this project near the end of 2021 in the hope of making a debut EP that is still in the works. LLAMAS is a project that consisted again with the same “hype” mentality and was a song to bridge the rest of his songs on the EP. The idea behind LLAMAS was to set the scene of a late night drive with the intention of causing “hoon activities”. This is not to say that he partakes in these activities but is definitely inspired by it. A fictional story that he stems his ideas from are that he and his mates often go for a drive late at night to rural areas and do “skids”. He wanted to finally step into the scene with his best work showing his potential as an artist and to be taken seriously as one.

Brad wants to use his single release to tease the upcoming project which is his debut EP Buffet - currently in the works. Bracko El Titan does not plan to stop and continue taking his career to the next level.



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