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  • Ava Cooper

Beabadoobee Steals Brisbane’s Heart

On Sunday, 11th September, Beabadoobee put on a magnificent show at the Tivoli. Fans waited outside the venue for hours before the concert started, crafting red panda-themed gifts for her to feed her obsession. I believe a poster went around that was signed by everyone in the line aslo.

Molly Payton, the support act, put on quite a show. Her brooding voice and thick, oozing guitars captivated the audience. Despite a couple catcallers, all in the venue just simply watched her set in awe, what else could have been more important?

It was after a quick ABBA interval that Beabadoobee then took the stage. An intense remix of “Beatopia Cultsong” hyped up the crowd as her band picked up their instruments. Starting off with a bang, they played songs from Beabadoobee’s debut album Fake It Flowers “Worth It”, “Together”, “Charlie Brown”, “Care” and “Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene”. During “Together” Bea’s crowd control skills came into use, she got everyone on the floor to duck down, and then jump in the heavy and angsty final chorus.

Photos: Ixara Dorizac

Other notable highlights included her beautiful performance of “See You Soon” and “The Perfect Pair” of her latest album, Beatopia. Bea’s tribute to her bassist, Eliana Sewell, “She Plays Bass” charmed the audience and warmed their hearts ready for the next song “Dye It Red”. A rebellious song that got everyone moving. She saw the crowd off with her engaging banger, “Last Day On Earth”. Even those standing at the back, ended up joining in the ‘Shoop doo doo’s.

But, that was not the end of the night for Beabadoobee fans. Bea came back on stage without her bandmates, carrying an acoustic guitar. Everyone was instructed to turn on their phone torches as she played her mellow hit “Coffee”. A sea of lights lit the Tivoli and the whole venue seemed to share a special and intimate moment. Bea’s bandmates returned to the stage for one last song. By far her most badass song, “Cologne” rocked the crowd, the guitar solo from Jacob Bugden especially remarkable. Beabadoobee sure knows her fans well, and how to leave them in speechless bliss.



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