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#28 - Interview with EUCA

"EUCA, like eucalyptus - home grown, good for you and mum loves it."

Recently having relocated from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, EUCA is best known for her take-no-shit emotional integrity twisted into heavenly melodies, creating a powerful yet homely discography. A self proclaimed over-sharer, her lyricism thrives in brutal realism married into perfect metaphors.

EUCA’s debut body of work “TRANSITIONAL PERIOD” encapsulates the stories spanning over 6 years of her regeneration as both an artist and human. The songbird presents 6 tracks of heavenly melodies, brawny guitars & cut-throat lyricism fuelled by the love, loss and all things lackluster that cultivate in the life of a teenager morphing into a woman - just in time for her mid-life crisis.

Join us as EUCA chats with SK's Brett Wood about her artist name, networking and growing as an artist and shares some advice for artists.

Connect with EUCA here:



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