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The Deenys Lonely Paradise

Perth band The Deenys have released their hit new single Lonely Paradise. The five-piece band take inspiration from popular UK bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths. Indie rock meets alternative pop. Aussie spirit kicks in with the fast beat drums and addictive vocals. For any fans of Skeggs, Hockey Dad and bands of the like, The Deenys will be right up your alley.

Lonely Paradise shows the true creative talent of the band members, with their ability to make you scream and dance in this song. Not only is this song an absolute ear worm, it has a deep message. Talking about the pressures and constructs inflicted on young teens, the song has a high relatability factor for younger audiences. With the default for teens becoming a drug addicted and depressed lifestyle, using abusive and destructive coping mechanisms seems to be the only thing allowing teens to feel this Lonely Paradise.

The Deenys continue to shrug off expectations and instead focus on a proven co-songwriting effort. The release is accompanied by a launch show on Saturday 10th September at Amplifier bar in Perth!!

Photo credit: @amoreamore10


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