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Joan & The Giants, The Weekend

Perth based Alt-pop band, Joan & The Giants, has debuted their new song The Weekend, exciting fans for the release of their EP. Since forming in 2019, the band has had a talent for incorporating philosophical views into their songs. Lead singer Grace soothes and impresses the audience with her melodic voice. Other band members Aaron, Riley and Liam have a beautiful skill of collaboration to create a catchy melody that compliments Grace’s voice perfectly.

Quick and sweet guitar tracks with steady and deep drumming guarantees a sense of satisfaction when listening. The modern culture of grind supplies a brainwashed experience of enjoyment for those who rely on the calendar to tell them which days are worth living. “Live like you’re 17,” simply meaning live everyday of your life as if it was your last. Once we learn the ability to distribute struggles in our life, we can decide when to be happy.

Trust me when I say, this song will make you feel like a teenager at a party again, not a care in the world while dancing like nobody's watching.

Stream Joan & The Giants new single The Weekend on all platforms,


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