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  • Alice Milne

HANNI - See Through Review

We’re stoked for Brisbane-based singer-songwriter HANNI’s new single “See Through”

“See Through” starts us off with some indie-folk style acoustic guitar and HANNI’s lifting soprano voice. What’s intriguing about this track on first listen is the light and shade; the conflict between the soft, ambient segments and the anthemic, in-your-face pop sound it merges into. These moments of catharsis, of yelling, “oh, what the fuck now?”, hit and then recede abruptly, rallying the tension before we dive into the chorus. Expressive but almost restrained, it leaves us curious; what’s beneath the chopping and changing?

As you might gather from the title, “See Through” comes from a personal, transparent place. HANNI explains:

“It’s about letting myself be vulnerable to someone new, someone who sees the real me and loves me regardless. For so long I had just stayed in a relationship that had turned sour because that is what I thought I deserved, and this song is a reminder that there is someone out there that loves every part of you - even when you feel see-through.”

There’s an almost liberating feeling of having seen the worst already; “nothing’s gonna hurt as much as you can.” The upbeat synths make for a feel-good, danceable chorus. Although “See Through” strays from being a bitter break-up song, it’s not without grief and pain; “the way you look at me, I don’t feel see through, so take a knife to my chest”. But rather than dwell too much in the angst, “See Through” is one of those moments that says, “the past has been fucked up, but at least it can’t get any worse, so let’s celebrate what’s coming up ahead.”


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