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Baby Prince- SpriteSchool Vol.2

Brisbane artist Baby Prince has pleased listeners with his new EP release. With his

popularity growing in the Hip Hop and Rap genre, this EP is a monumental move in his career. The highly awaited EP arrives alongside a music video and song called Shake, featuring producer and artist BLESSED. His melodic style was revealed in his previous works, with his recent tracks such as Fall Thru and Zimbabwe giving promise for his newest EP.

He takes inspiration from artists such as Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson. His ability to be influenced yet not replicate artists is seen in his hard hitting lyrics. Baby Prince does not waste words, every bar he drops has emotion, weight and unmatchable energy. Moulding Issues of personal struggles into pop culture hits is a talent no one can take from him. With 80+ tracks on soundcloud, Baby Prince is the name to look out for in the music scene.

Having already conquered Brisbane, Prince will soon become the next hit out of Australia.With full confidence can I say, Baby Prince is on fire, and no one can get in his way. His new EP, SpriteSchool Vol.2 is released on all platforms on September 8th.


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