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  • India Wallis

Get Your Tickets: The Double Happiness Live At The Bearded Lady

The Double Happiness are back, and ready to launch their new single 'Smoking Gun' at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane's West End on Saturday August 6.

Swapping out their surfboards for steeds, the band showcase their love of Spaghetti-Western surf guitar on this, the first release off their upcoming album 'Roadhouse' through 4000 Records.

The song speaks of a close call, and a chance to get away in the nick of time. The protagonist is implored to 'Run, baby run' as the gunsmoke is a telling sign of a misadventure. Opening with a disarming trumpet and nylon guitar, the song then evolves into the 'call and response vocals' which are a signature of The Double Happiness.

The song features the bass lines and vocals of Meg Welchman, beloved member of the quartet who passed tragically in February this year.

Opening are local duo, Brisbane singer-songwriter Jimi Beavis and bass player Janey Mac who are The Wicked Messenger - their folk music project featuring death and love.

And seeing us into the dark night are the legendary Shifting Sands, bringing their whiskey-wrecked reflections of unrequited love and busted hearts.

Tickets are only $15, and you can find them through Eventbrite right here.

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