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Brisbane Is On Stand Atlantic's Wavelength

Stand Atlantic is one of Australia’s strongest bands. With an extensive touring schedule outside of their home country and the release of their latest album ‘F.E.A.R’, the band have finally had the chance to play their Australian shows - and fans certainly gave them a warm home welcome.

On July 2nd Stand Atlantic played Brisbane’s Tivoli with support slots from The Sunday Estate, Bakers Eddy and their old friends With Confidence. A venue that felt so large at the beginning of the night now felt small, with more than 600 fans side by side, buzzing with anticipation for the band's arrival on stage. They opened the night with ‘Doomsday’ their opening track from ‘F.E.A.R’, before playing their more pop-punk orientated track ‘Jurassic Park’. With the audience singing along word for word, the chaos continued, fans wild-eyed and crowd surfing. After all, we have been deprived of their Brisbane live shows since 2019.

Each member effortlessly knew how to captivate the audience in their own way. From lead singer Bonnie Fraser and guitarist David Potter entering the crowd for their heartfelt song ‘Toothpick’, to bassist Miki Rich and drummer Jonno Panichi keeping the songs pumping with low end and heartbeat from start to end.

Stand Atlantic live at The Tivoli, Brisbane, July 2nd 2022.

Photo credit @nikki_haney_ via Stand Atlantic's Instagram

The night before they played Brisbane, the seasoned touring professionals had played a hometown show in Sydney, just a night after playing a show in Wollongong. Well practised in back-to-back shows, the band's on-stage energy was abundant. Despite performing three songs that feature guest vocalists (‘Pity Party’ featuring Royal & The Serpent, ‘Dumb’ featuring Tom The Mail Man and Deathwish’ featuring nothing,nowhere.), Fraser carried the songs like the guest verses were always her own. They were all natural performances.

The band have been releasing music not long after their formation in 2012, and now with three albums and numerous EPs behind them, their setlist is hit after hit. Their two encores were a perfect example of this - 2017’s ‘Coffee After Midnight’ and their final song of the night ‘Molotov [OK]’, a two-minute chaotic punk fuelled anthem from their new album ‘F.E.A.R’ gave the crowd the chance to use up the last of their energy before they left the stage. Balancing their old and new songs throughout the set, the crowd’s energy never lulled, even in their laidback songs ‘Toothpick’ and ‘Drink To Drown’. A perfect show for all fans old and new.

Stand Atlantic live at The Tivoli, Brisbane, July 2nd 2022.

Photo credit @nikki_haney_ via Stand Atlantic's Instagram

Stand Atlantic deserve every success they get and we're looking forward to what the future holds for the band. Whether it be more Australian shows, more music videos or brand new music, Stand Atlantic fans far and wide will no doubt love what they create next.

Stand Atlantic Live At The Tivoli Setlist

  1. doomsday

  2. Jurassic Park

  3. Skinny Dipping

  4. Wavelength

  5. hair out

  6. switchblade

  7. Like That

  8. pity party

  9. Eviligo

  10. Lost My Cool

  11. dumb

  12. Toothpick

  13. Drink to Drown

  14. Lavender Bones

  15. Blurry

  16. deathwish

  17. Hate Me (Sometimes)

  18. Coffee at Midnight

  19. molotov [OK]


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