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  • Brett Wood

Big Orange's Mum Says They're Okay

Making a huge impact so far in 2022, Perth-based rockers Big Orange are back to dish up another exhilarating rock rover with their all-new single ‘Mum Says I’m Okay’ (out June 3).

New single ‘Mum Says I’m Okay’ fires up with an all-out alt-rock guitar riff, quickly joined by resounding drums as Daniel Davis’ vocals give off that 90's alt-rock tinge. Seeped in a passionate optimism for wanting the best out of life, the distinctively Big Orange chorus arrives in all of its hook-filled glory, bringing a rousing rock flavour to wonderfully relatable lyrics.

The message behind ‘Mum Says I’m Okay’ is simple yet powerful - block out the haters and do what’s right for you. Basically, keep going, you’re doing great.

“I think everyone with a passion can relate to these lyrics," bandmate Emma Adams adds.

"Daniel showed me this track a few months ago and I dug the shit outta it. It's a slow burn with a superbly hooky chorus when it hits.”

So do what’s right for you and get your ears on the latest from Big Orange with their new single ‘Mum Says I’m Okay’ out everywhere on June 3.


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