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  • Emma Ray

ZZADE Gets Luxurious In New Music Video For 'Triple Diamond $tatus'

ZZADE, the 20 year old Industrial Pop artist from Meanjin/Brisbane, recently released her attitude packed single ‘Triple Diamond $tatus’. Now, she returns with a tongue in cheek music video to mirror the track's satirical take on capitalism and the culture of over consumerism.

Through ZZADE’s transformation into a self obsessed stereotypical enthusiast of luxury items, her money obsessed lifestyle can be observed through director Frances Wilson’s (also known as Fx) lens.

ZZADE says“Collaborating with Frances on this video was a super fun experience. I wanted to incorporate the sarcasm of Triple Diamond Status with killer visuals and just enough symbolism, I think she really nailed it. I also got to include my band and dress them up as my greedy filthy pigs - that was my favourite moment by far. The entire video was made by film students and shot at one of their houses. I wanted to keep everything as D.I.Y as possible in the true spirit of my anti consumerism take.”

The track was created during a Covid-19 period where the profit over people agenda of the liberal government in power was frustrating and unfair. Armed with a bass guitar and an attitude, ZZADE produced a demo that would soon birth a tongue in cheek, middle finger waving anthem.

With lines like “I swear I’d rather die than my card decline” and “I would shake the devil’s hand to be in Hawaii with a tan”, it comments on the sinister priorities of that time. Triple Diamond Status’ exudes Lady Gaga inspired production, blending chopped up drum loops and self aware pop melodies.

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1 Comment

May 24, 2023

The 'Triple Diamond $tatus' music video showcases opulence and extravagance, perfectly matching the theme of the song. From luxurious cars and designer outfits to lavish parties and breathtaking locations, every frame exudes a sense of high-class living. This video is a visual feast, featuring stunning cinematography and artful direction that adds to the overall grandeur. And to increase its popularity, I recommend using YouTube promotion

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