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  • India Wallis

Youth Lead Record Label Moves To Permanent Office Space

Casualty Records is a youth lead label that works with teenagers to release and promote their music, create merchandise and put on all-ages events. Now, after more than three years of running it DIY out of the founder's bedroom, they're moving into a permanent space.

Based in Brisbane, founded and run by high school student Kaleb Collings, Casualty Records has strived to deliver music to the local music community and the world since its inception in 2019 when Collings was a year nine student.

After putting on multiple successful all-ages events at Woolloongabba Substation (Community Space), a sold-out show at a Brisbane music venue, booking an interstate band and independently curating and managing a sold-out mini-festival, it's time to set up a location to put on more events and enter a new era of the label. The new space has a large hall, which will be the new location for the label's future events.

Casualty Records all ages show at Wooloongabba Substation (photo Adjoa Sam)

The new location, Albion Peace Centre, was shared through a Casualty Records Instagram post, highlighting the news through a carousel of infographics. The Casualty team will also be putting on a housewarming event on July 30th for a free, all-ages event with live music, a jam stage, raffles, and more with further details coming soon via Casualty Records' social media.

Of course, with a permanent headquarters, comes the rent and bills. Casualty has launched a membership drive program that provides awesome benefits such as an exclusive Casualty Records t-shirt, a membership card, 20% off Casualty Records merchandise and Casualty Records events (except collaboration/co-presenting events), and more.

The prices for annual membership are $70 for U18s and $100 for 18+. Further information is provided through the website along with the point of purchase.



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