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  • India Wallis

Young Lions Create Anticipation For Upcoming Album With New Single

Young Lions are fast approaching the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album due to drop in January 2023 – their first in five years following the critically acclaimed 2015 album ‘Mr Spaceman’.

With singles ‘Help’, ‘Coming Home’, ‘Pilgrim’, and ‘Kaleidoscope’ already out and in the stratosphere, the fifth chapter is ‘Make A Rainbow and Put It In The Sky’ is out now!

Whilst ‘Kaleidoscope’ – described musically by critics as having a “chest-pounding groove and riff-driven sting” – explored the complexity of mental health in one's self, ‘Make a Rainbow and Put it in the Sky’ is a journey of self-discovery

“The lyrics follow a character entering a party looking for some answers to life’s big questions,” explains singer Zach Britt. “Whether the song is interpreted as a psychedelic trip or more a metaphorical awakening is up to the listener really. I think we’re all after some purpose in life, no matter what shape that takes, we’re all trying to make a rainbow and put it in the sky.”

This is a must listen to track from the band. Get ready for their upcoming album in the new year!

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