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  • Emma Ray

White Light Station are 'Something Else'

Pub-prog isn’t a term yet acknowledged by society, but White Light Station are taking a step towards its uprising with their new single, 'Something Else'.

Born from losing the reins on old friendships, the song is a chorus focused, heavy funk slammer. It’s for all of those people who lost that one person who drifted away from where they were supposed to be forever. Minus the angsty lyrics, this song's lead riff and chorus guitar lines are made to turn your ‘chill vibe’ into an unexpected catalyst for a mosh pit.

Compared to the band’s last releases, the sound is more funky and a lot more chunky on the riffs throughout.

Engineered and mixed by the bands guitarist, Jono Frowd at Brisbane's Hunting Ground Studios where he works, the band produced the track together before passing the track over to Matthew Gray Mastering.

"A lot of our releases have been on the relatively punk side stylistically. We were really keen to release something on the groovier side as it’s crazy fun for us to play and people seem to get around it live."

"Can’t release a song with out a launch show right? We are headlining Tomcat on the 1st of April. We are super excited for this show as our best mates VERUM are joining us and the legends from Boys At The Back. Both bands slap are the best people."



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