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Wandering Blind Release Vulnerable New Single ‘Rain & Snow’

Gold Coast duo Wandering Blind have created their most honest statement so far, with a stripped back acoustic single about facing the past.

Wandering Blind consists of Jack Holt and Kyle Thompson, a band who want their name on your lips and their choruses in your head.

Laying his ghosts bare, lead singer Jack Holt explores the sense of longing that comes after a sudden life change, through sparse arrangements and heartfelt lyrics.

The song's genuine nature means it relies on the careful delivery of Holt, allowing the singer to provide a soft vocal that heightens the emotion of the song.

“I moved to Australia when I was 14, so half my formative years were split across two continents,” front man Holt said.

“The song is about everything that disappeared when we relocated and how there’s a part of me that still resides in our old semi-detached house in Shaw.”

Musically, ‘Rain & Snow’ has a stripped back nature that adds a brittle beauty to the song’s arrangement. Accompanying a driving acoustic guitar that runs throughout the whole track, a bevy of percussion from Kyle Thompson and glockenspiel further embellish the beauty of the single.

Combine this with restrained production that adds a warmth to the single and this equates to the perfect delivery for a song that lays Holt’s feelings front and centre.

“It really dissects what it’s like to explore a past you feel so disconnected from, but still feel the need to look back on to have a part of yourself,” said Holt.

“People who aren’t as fond of our other material always say this song is their favourite, it’s very straightforward and quite easy for a lot of people to relate to.”

The artwork of the track is the image from the original contract for Holt’s family home, where he lived his entire life before moving to Australia. The artwork both adds another personalised layer to the song but also represents how in creating

the song, Holt has to sell something very personal to him.

Wandering Blind's 'Rain & Snow' single artwork

‘Rain & Snow’ is the Wandering Blind’s second release of 2022 and represents their continued exploration of style and sound. Their continued musical growth has marked them as one of the most exciting new bands coming out of the Gold Coast.

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