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  • Belle Radman

Up-and-coming Sydney Artist, ASM Keeno, Making Waves

Just this week, the 17-year-old Sydney artist, ASM Keeno, released his fifth debut single, ‘CHIN UP'.

Photo Credit: Jade D’Amico

Becoming comfortable with a range of instruments, melodies, tempos, genres and recording equipment, Keeno evolved in a makeshift family studio with the help of his Dad.

Describing music as, ‘my dream,’ fans can expect more hits like this one from the 17-year-old in 2023.

ASM Keeno incorporates his own real-life experiences and emotions into the music with complex vocal melodies and harmony stacks to deliver the messages in his lyrics.

Already reaching over 600,000 streams on Soundcloud, the single features a lofi R&B-meets-hip hop track and has been produced via Say Less Music / Warner Music Australia.

On his latest release, Keeno reveals, ‘CHIN UP,’ is “about being in a situation where you give your all to somebody but they change and switch up on you, but keep your chin up and keep chasing all that really matters.”

ASM Keeno creates thoughtful and timeless music that brings forth all manner of emotions through the teenage lens of hope and imagination.

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