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  • Emma Ray

Tragic Me Release Lovestruck Pop Rock Anthem 'Loser'

The Brisbane-based pop rock duo, Tragic Me, have just launched their infectious new single, ‘Loser’ to end the year with a bang. An energetic pop-rock bop that weaves the rollercoaster of emotions from being lovestruck with the band’s signature happy-sad, nostalgic sound.

Reminiscent of bands like All Time Low, The Band CAMINO and Fall Out Boy, ‘Loser’

encapsulates the feeling of being tongue-tied and giddy around a new crush, combined with an essence of self-doubt and playful self-deprecation.

Frontman Alex Thompson, shares his excitement about the release

“Loser is a really fun song with this playful energy that you can dance to, but has an underlying bittersweet message. It’s about the excitement of being completely captivated by someone new and then the feelings of self doubt that can come with that – feeling like they are out of your league and leaving you feeling like a bit of a 'loser!'”

The single comes off of a bit of a rollercoaster year for Tragic Me, with a lineup change, playing three Queensland shows supporting Aussie Indie legends British India on their ‘Rolled Gold’ Tour and a successful launch of their previous single, ‘cosmic dust’.

With plans to release two more singles in the first half of 2024 and a mid-year tour penned for the east coast of Australia, ‘Loser’ is just a taste of what’s to come for the dynamic duo from Brisbane. So prep your car stereo for max volume and be ready for ‘Loser’ to be the song you’re caught singing way too loud at the traffic lights.

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