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  • Ava Cooper

Tove Lo’s Latest Groovy Yet Introspective Album

Tove Lo is back at it again with her fifth studio album being released Friday, 14th October. Dirt Femme, will take you to another planet with its retro influences and modern themes.

Tove has said about the album “It’s extremely personal, and is all my feelings, thoughts, and questions put together in under 50 minutes with no answers.” Clearly, she knows how most people are feeling and has made music to accompany that. When you hear this record, you’ll know exactly how to handle all your pent up rage, sadness, excitement and fear: you’ll dance.

Some of the best picks from the wide selection of bangers would have to include 'No One Dies From Love', 'True Romance', 'Cute & Cruel (feat, First Aid Kit)', 'Call on Me (with SG Lewis)' and 'I’m to Blame'.

Album art for 'Dirt Femme'

'No One Dies From Love', the opening track, seems to meld classic 80s electronic synth beats with futuristic vocals. The intensely danceable music contrasts well with the poignant and regretful lyrics.

'True Romance' is a raw and hopeful song where Tove sings of deep love, dreams and escapism. It will sweep you off your feet with its vivid descriptions of devotion.

For 'Cute & Cruel', Tove Lo was joined by folk sisters, First Aid Kit. They bring warmth to the lead vocals with their tender harmonies and backing vocals. It is a sweet and subtle little tune that will have to stop for a moment, to appreciate its beauty.

'Call on Me' brings SG Lewis’ first of two features on this album, with dirty synth hooks this epic club track forces you onto your feet to get moving.

'I’m to Blame' is a standout on the album, stripping Tove Lo of her usual grooves, she still makes fun even when she’s being self-reflective. A song full of questions and introspection, 'I’m to Blame' does not disappoint.

Dirt Femme is an assortment of intense groove, raw electronic emotion and contemplation. Raising important issues such as body image, sexuality, femininity and maturity, Tove Lo is breaking new boundaries with her music.




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